Tanjerine Sponsor Spotlight: The Bier Brewery

Tanjerine Sponsor Spotlight: The Bier Brewery

Darren Connor and his father, Jerry, opened up Bier Brewery only three and a half years ago, but that wasn’t the beginning of their journey with beer.

Darren had been in the beer industry for years prior to opening his own brewery, including working at Bloomington Brewing Company and Great Fermentations of Indianapolis. But his history with beer went further back than that. When he was only 19 years old, he started home brewing. After many years in the beer industry, it was time for Darren to open his own brewery.

In those short three and a half years, Bier Brewery has won 47 awards in the state of Indiana along with a silver medal at the World Beer Cup and a silver medal at the Great American Beer Fest. Instead of focusing on quantity, Bier focuses all of their time and attention on quality.

While some people might think that the rapidly growing craft beer scene in Indianapolis would be a scary thing for the breweries already in existence, Bier sees it as an exciting challenge. It keeps the crew on their toes to continue brewing the highest quality of beer possible. “We challenge ourselves each and every day to brew to style and make the most flavorful Bier in the Indianapolis area,” said Ryan Connor, Sales Representative for Bier. “We enter into competitions all the time because it challenges us to try and brew the best beer. What I love about the craft beer scene in Indy is the competition of trying to be the best and standings out.”

For Tanjerine, Bier will be bringing a special German Hefeweizen that is spiced with tangerine peel and chamomile. This Bier’s yeast produces a banana and clove flavor and aroma. With the added spices, you’ll get a strong orange/tangerine flavor. This Bier hasn’t been brewed for about a year and a half, so it is being brewed specifically for Tanjerine.

Indiana Bier Logo“I wanted to participate in Tanjerine the moment I heard about,” said Connor. “Not only did is sound like a great event, but anything that involves local businesses is something I strive to be a part of. Bier Brewery is growing and I want central Indiana to be aware of Bier Brewery. We are no longer the small brewery that we have been known for, but we want to be the brewery that people travel to because they’ve heard that we produce high-quality Bier. I feel that everything that Tanjerine has in store for the community will leave an everlasting experience with the people of Indianapolis and we want to be a part of that experience.”

So what are Bier’s future plans? At the moment, Bier is currently in the process of maxing out their facility. “We are bringing in bigger fermenters and bright tanks that will take us to capacity,” said Connor. “Once we have made this jump, we want to make sure our quality stays the same before we expand further.”

Once they know the quality won’t be compromised, the Bier crew will be looking at a production facility that would involved getting into the bottling scene. “As a brewery, we don’t want to sacrifice our quality over quantity, so we are wanting to grow slowly, making sure it stays the same. We may not be growing as fast as what a lot of people would like to see, but with all of the breweries opening up in the state, we want to make sure we are one of the breweries that people think of first when they think about the craft beer market in Indiana.”

Don’t miss your chance to taste Bier’s specialty brew at Tanjerine! Along with their specialty Bier, you can try out six flavors of Just Pop In¬†popcorn paired with signature Biers. Let us know which one is your favorite!

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